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The Popular Color Of The Year 2024


  Color can affect consumers' feelings and perceptions of goods and services, and color often directly determines whether consumers will buy goods to a certain extent.

  Pantone is an organization that specializes in the development and research of colors.Since 2000, it has designated a color as the popular color of the year every year. These colors reflect the latest trends in the fields of fashion, beauty, technology, design and home furnishing.

  On December 7th, the PANTONE Color Institute released the popular color of the year 2024-Peach Fuzz.

  Compared with last year's vibrant magenta, this soft peach color between pink and orange is more gentle, and it gives people a very calm feeling visually.

  According to the official website, “Peach fuzz” is a gentle and nourishing peach color, reminding us to slow down and care about ourselves and others.A warm and cozy shade highlighting our desire for togetherness with others or for enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary this creates, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz presents a fresh approach to a new softness.

  The romantic color's name reflects the tactile sensuality associated with the hue: velvety peaches, soft marabou feathers, and smooth vintage satins and silks all come to mind when thinking about the pink and orange combo.

  Sensitive but sweet and airy, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz evokes a new modernity.Poetic and romantic, a clean peach tone with a vintage vibe, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz reflects the past yet has been refashioned with a contemporary ambiance.

  This year, we bid farewell to the era of the epidemic with a powerful magenta color and re-devote ourselves to an active life.And under the influence of the turmoil of the general environment, life is full of tension, anxiety and uneasy emotions.

  At this moment, we need some quiet and peaceful comfort. It reminds people to slow down, let go of the heavy and tired pressure, care more for themselves and others, and enjoy the warm time alone or with relatives and friends.

  Guide everyone to embrace life, this is the meaning of PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz.It may not represent everyone's aesthetics, but it carries expectations and prayers for 2024.

  Dongguan Brothersbox Industrial Co., Ltd. has been operating for more than 26 years since 1997. As a professional paper packaging company, we always adhere to the core values of “passion, responsibility, innovation, equality, inclusion, rigorous attitude realistic approach” to provide customers with high-quality packaging services.

  We can customize personalized services according to the specific requirements of customers, and provide customers with the latest industry trends, packaging suggestions and one-stop packaging solutions.

  For PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz, we generally use it in holiday gift packaging, women's skin care and beauty packaging, women's clothing packaging, food packaging and other application scenarios.

  The following are some box-type cases we have done:



                           Rope Handle Christmas Round Gift Box With Bow                                                                                 Lid And Base Paper Gift Box


                              PVC Windowable Macaron Packaging Box                                                                       Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Chocolate Packaging Box


                     Luxury Double Door Cardboard Moon Cake Packaging Box                                                  Elegant Skin Care Packaging Box With Foam Inner Tray


                          Magnet Collapsible Clamshell Box With Ribbon                                                                         Drawer Slide Box For Jewelry Packaging

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